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Congratulations Carey Mock (NC) high bidder for the Southeastern whitetail hunt

111john whipple

5 Day "Peak of the Rut" Southeastern Whitetail Hunt
with Dennis Campbell and Magnolia Lodge

5,000 Free-Range Acres of Trophy Whitetail Hunting Property
19 Years Experience in Trophy Buck Management
Southern Hospitality at its Finest
Beautiful 10 bedroom, 4 Bath Lodge

This tremendous Southeastern whitetail opportunity will be offered during the "peak" of the rut. The high bidder can choose a five day spread between December 26, 2010 and January 9, 2011. The hunt is all inclusive with the exception of the Alabama hunting license (approximately $175). Transportation to and from the Birmingham international airport will also be included. The hunt takes place on nearly 5,000 acres of free range hunting ground that has been specifically managed for trophy bucks for the past 19 years. This is the peak time to have an opportunity for a true free-range Alabama whitetail which of course is a recognized trophy by the SCI awards program.

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For a true southeastern whitetail trophy hunting experience and southern hospitality at it's finest this opportunity simply cannot be beat. Hunt during the peak of the season and enjoy the comforts of our full service, lodge with home cooking for every meal and experienced guides while in field.


The hunt can be postponed to the following season if necessary.
Again, this is the ideal time to have an opportunity at a true free-range trophy Alabama whitetail. If the high bidder is successful on a buck early, a second or third may be taken on a trophy fee only basis of $1,500. Two does will be allowed for this hunt as well. Past GSCO members to hunt at Magnolia Lodge have included Dennis Anderson, Doug Yagko, John Whipple, Jeff Miller, Bo and Nick Morgan, Ken and Caleb Crother, Bill and Matthew Mock, Scott Butterfield, Roger Donahue, Mark Gregson, Bob Patton, George Williams, Mike Kiker, Alain Smith, Brenton & Tammy Scott, Bill Hoehle, Bob Patton, Page Mays, Charlene Winkler, Debi Casey, Pat O’Neill, John Pelton, Alan Pillar, and Tom Place.