Grand Slam Club/Ovis is proud to associate with other wildlife conservation organizations throughout the world. Please take time to visit these web sites and learn more about their organizations.


African Indaba brings you topical information about hunting and conservation from Africa and in-depth analysis of a variety of conservation issues. Through a selection of authors who are highly qualified in wildlife research, conservation management and hunting issues, African Indaba wants to contribute towards unemotional discussions and problem-solving dialogues between those who have the future and well-being of Africa’s wild places and its magnificent indigenous fauna at heart.

Africa’s legitimate and indispensable wildlife management practices are based on the careful sustainable use of her natural heritage. Rural African communities must receive adequate economic benefits from their wild resources not only as incentive to conserve them, but to restore their pride of ownership and the mastery of their own destiny.

Hunters from around the world are using African Indaba as valuable information on African wildlife, its conservation and sustainable use, the effects of incentive-based conservation and its interaction with community based natural resource management programs (CBNRM).


The Carlo Caldesi Award for the Trophy of the Year (CCA) is an award instituted to honor the best big game trophy, in terms of difficulty of hunt, rarity and score, taken in one particular year by an active Member of Safari Club International.The CCA is named after Dr Carlo Caldesi.