Common Name: Mallorcan wild goat
Scientific Name: Capra aegagrus erxleben
Location: Mallorca Island, Spain

The local people of Mallorca have been able to trace the Mallorcan wild goat’s existence on the island back some 2,000 years. Therefore, thousands of years ago, these goats became standardized with their unique coloration and markings. They have the markings very similar to a bezoar ibex, but the deep red coloration is quite different from the much lighter tan color of the bezoar. The black markings, however, are practically identical in both. The horns of the Mallorcan are much more similar to many different types of domestic goats, but even these horns have become relatively standardized for the Mallorcan wild goat. These goats are certified as pure by the local game department of Mallorca. The SCI record book recognizes this trophy type as Balearean goat, and it is sometimes known as the Balearean boc. (Mallorca is part of the Balearean Islands.)
The Mallorcan wild goat cannot be counted for the Capra World Slam of 12. However, it can be counted for the Capra World Slam Super 20 and Super 30.