red sheep
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Common Name: Red Sheep
Scientific Name: Ovis gmelini gmelini x Ovis vignei arkal
Location: Iran, Texas
The red sheep is considered to be a hybrid between the Armenian mouflon and the Transcaspian urial. However, this subspecies developed naturally over hundreds or thousands of years. This sheep is abundant in Iran, but at present U.S. citizens are not able to hunt there. There is a small herd located in West Texas on a ranch owned by Clayton & Modesta Williams which are free ranging. The Ovis World Slam accepts the red sheep from that ranch at present. The boundaries for the red sheep in Iran are somewhat controversial. At present the borders are recognized as the central Alborz Mountains, near Tehran. The reserves northwest of the city of Qazvin and west of Qom are considered to have Armenian mouflons. The southern border of the red sheep is the reserves north of the city of Kashan and west of the cities of Semnan and Sari.