yakuta snow sheep
Common Name: Yakutia Snow Sheep
Scientific Name: Ovis nivicola lydekkeri
Location: Eastern Siberia, Russia
"Recently (January 2003) the trophy classification working groups came together to try and resolve the difficult problems associated with boundaries for these sheep. This has been an ongoing work, but tentative boundaries have now been agreed upon by the working groups. These are tentative because there is an ongoing DNA study being funded by GSC/Ovis. The study will probably not be complete until late 2003. The boundaries might have to be adjusted when the results are in from the scientists at Washington State University. Below are the tentative boundaries agreed upon:
The majority of this subspecies are found in the Yakutia Region of Siberia. All the sheep located in the Yakutia Region are considered to be Yakutia snow sheep. Within the Magadan Region, the eastern boundary is the Kolyma River until it intersects with the southern route of the Trans-Siberian Highway. The boundary then runs westerly until the Trans-Siberian Highway intersects with the border of Yakutia.
NOTE: Of the four different trophy classifications of snow sheep, only two of the four may be counted toward the Ovis World Slam of 12 sheep. All four may be counted toward the Super 20, Super 30, and Super 40. The SCI Record book has adopted these same boundaries."